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It’s a moment that every Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist will encounter time and time again... 

Meeting a new pediatric patient that you suspect might have developmental feeding issues and not knowing what to do next. 

“What if I make the wrong judgement call on their chart?”

“What if I accidentally harm them trying something new?”

“What if I get in trouble for working beyond my specialty?” 

You KNOW how critical feeding is to a child’s overall development (and virtually all other objectives of your work together) BUT you just don’t know how to help the patient in front of you. 

A moment like that can range anywhere from intimidating to downright defeating and it’s easy to understand why.

You weren’t prepared for moments like these -- but I want to let you in on a little secret... Neither were most feeding therapists. 


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Cindy Napoli OTR/L, CLC, CEIM

I have been using the FTP pediatric screener since 2020 for all our feeding kiddos that come into our EI program. The screener is so inclusive and so necessary to rule out where in the feeding process things are not going right in the mouth! All therapists should look in the mouth to rule out problems and what type and this screeners guides you through the process and sets you up for a functional evaluation and puts the therapist in the mindset of who to refer to next and if a full evaluation is necessary AND exactly why it is necessary.

It might sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true. 

So much of the graduate curriculum out there is focused on adult patients, that even highly-educated feeding therapists spend THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS of research just to gain an understanding of how to assess our pediatric cases. 

But what if all that information could be condensed into ONE gloriously easy-to-understand document? 

What if you could see developmental milestones laid out in a glance? What if you could describe your observations in a systematized way? What if you could help more children and families than EVER before? 

Introducing: The Pediatric Feeding Screening Packet!

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Inside, you’ll find:

  • A developmental milestone chart covering what’s expected in a child’s first 3 years.

  • A comprehensive checklist that allows you to record your observations with ease.

  • An additional log to reflect on the results and share them with your patient’s family. 

  • And a referral form to make getting your patient care outside of your practice easy.

In other words, it’s everything you need to confidently and competently screen your pediatric cases… 

Which is something that ALL Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists can use!

Hi, I’m Hallie. 

I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and Pediatric Feeding Specialist dedicated to helping other clinical professionals gain the confidence and clarity they need to address feeding issues in their practice and become the Feeding Therapists their patients need!

I’ve spent 13+ years researching and refining the best approach for pediatric patients to save myself, my staff, and YOU precious time, energy, and money while making a difference in our communities!

But don’t just take it from me…

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"As a school-based SLP, I do not have as much knowledge of or experience with feeding development or PFDs as I would like. The Pediatric Feeding Screening Packet, along with the "Screen the Peds" training, provided good information to get me started on my feeding journey. I really loved the feeding development chart, which breaks down each skill and when we would expect to see it develop. The screening form has also been helpful when I am in an evaluation, as it shows me exactly what to look for, and what is normal/a concern. "

-- Lauren Greer- SLP

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“This feeding checklist is very comprehensive, but at the same time has helped my screens become more concise and efficient. It serves as a great guide, and I will be sure to have this as a tool to complete all of my feeding screenings!”

-- Cortney Mosle, MS, OTR/L

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“This is a very useful tool. It’s simple to use but also comprehensive. I really like the chart that includes ages as well. I think this tool can give a really good picture of the child and help clinicians form a description of the strengths and needs. I also like how there is a section to write findings to put any extra information. Overall I would definitely recommend it and think it’s a unique tool for assessing and describing feeding needs.”

-- Emily McCullough, MA, CCC-SLP

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“Love this checklist! Developmentally breaks down the key areas of feeding/swallowing. Easy tool to use with families to demonstrate development of skills. Also a great tool to use as clinician's as a cheat sheet during intervention!”

-- Meghan Carlson, MS, CCC-SLP

Ready to take all the stress and guess-work out of screening your patients for developmental feeding issues?


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Quick Disclaimer: 

All information, content and material of this pediatric feeding screener is intended for use by only qualified medical providers and is to be used as a screening tool to determine if further assessment is warranted. It is not intended to be used as a comprehensive feeding evaluation or comprehensive diagnostic tool.